303070XN/303077XN - Ligature Resistant Floor Drain Crocodile Roll Resistant AquaDesign/Galvin Engineering

SKU: 303077XN

Sale price$ 234.00


The ATS 5200.040 approved 304 stainless steel round Safe-Cell® Crocodile Roll Resistant (CRR) floor drain has been designed to minimize the risk of self-harm and suicide using a technique called the “Crocodile Roll”. The clever design features also help provide protection against the concealing of contraband 


  • Designed for behavioral healthcare facilities, custodial facilities, prisons, ad holding cells to reduce the risk of suicide and self harm and the hiding of contraband
  • Unique dual ring design to maximize drainage of water supply
  • The 303077X is specially designed for vinyl flooring with a lock down flange to mechanically clamp down the vinyl to increase the longevity of the flooring provided, and reduce any trip hazard in the bathroom environment.

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