ALF02 - Short Anti-Ligature Shelf


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The ALF02 high security shelf is made from highly damage resistant composite solid surface polyester resin. Manufactured as part of Wallgate by AquaDesign’s secure range of sanitary ware, the ALF Shelf is tested and approved to the highest standards and specifications.

The standard ALF02 models is intended for through-wall installation, where mounting hardware are provided. In this model, holes are drilled through the wall, and the mounting bolts thread into inserts installed on the back corners of the shelf bezel. The bolts extend through the wall, and are secured from behind the wall with washers and bolts. Note: to install this shelf as it is designed to be installed, you must have a duct or chase space behind the installation wall where you can attach and secure the mounting hardware from behind that wall. If this is not available, then review the front mount model below.

Note the shelf may also be secured to the wall by eliminating the “through-wall” mounting bolts, and using a structural adhesive to permanently adhere the shelves to the wall.


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