ALM-02 - Small Ligature Resistant Mirros

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 The  high security mirror is made from tough polycarbonate encased in highly damage resistant composite solid surface polyester resin. The ALM02 mirror is ligature-resistant and vandal-resistant, and is tested and approved to the highest standards.

The standard ALM-02 model is intended for “through-wall” installation, where mounting hardware (fixings) are provided. With this model, holes are drilled through the wall, and the mounting bolts thread into the back of the mirror bezel, and extend through the wall, and are secured from behind the installation wall with washers and bolts. The ALM02 model is also available in a front-mount installation method that eliminates the need for a chase or duct space behind the installation wall.

The ALM-02FF surface mount mirror model is provided with predrilled bezels, and safety torx screws are provided that allow installation directly to a wall, eliminating the need for access behind a wall to complete installation. 


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