HD15 - Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

SKU: U700200

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HD15 hand dryer is a wall mounted high speed tap hand dryer. It is most suitable for new construction project of public restroom that has a maintenance room behind the wall. The hand dryer is behind the wall with only the spout affixed to the wall, which creates a new clutter free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands right after they wash them. The HD15 hand dryer also simplifies the cleaning process because all water goes into the basin.

HD15 is also a quiet high speed hand dryer. The new patented air outlet reduced the noise level and increase the drying efficiency. SD15 hand dryer is ideal for construction projects and automatic wash station.

The intelligent temperature control technology of the HD15 detects the room temperature, and adjust the heating element. Furthermore, the hand dryer automatically detects and uses the residual heat from the heater to reduce power consumption. The benefit is particularly apparent in high traffic locations.

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