LAV20 - Freestanding Handwash Station


Sale price$ 2,810.00


Designed from the ground up, the LAV20 from AquaDesign represents a new generation of freestanding handwashing.

The LAV20 lets your customers, employees or students know that their safety is not an afterthought. Features such as bag hooks, mirror finished towel dispenser, and a spout with plenty of clearance make this handwashing station stand out above the rest.

Although appealing to the eye, the LAV20 is a workhorse. The unit has large capacity 10.5 gallon freshwater and greywater tanks, and a soap dispenser with a 1.6 qt. reservoir. This means less pressure on the janitorial staff. The large wheels make rolling the LAV20 over thresholds a piece of cake.

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