OMD - Omnia Deck Mounted Hand Dryer


Sale price$ 1,741.00


The countertop mounted hand dryer is capable of drying hands in just 10 seconds thanks to a pleasant jet of air that can reach speeds of 250 mph. The spout is made from chrome plated brass with a high polished finish.

With a HEPA filter media as well as Ion Hygienic Technology to stop the spread of bacteria in the air, this will be sure to dry hands in the most hygienic way possible. The OMD is made to work alongside the sensor operated water and soap Omnia faucet (OM-L) but can also be installed on its own. Furthermore, its touch-free deck mounted system makes all waste water go into the sink and not onto the floor, keeping a more hygienic and clean washroom and at the same time avoiding slips, a common cause of accidents.

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