SD15 - Sensor Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser


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The SD15 is a stainless steel wall mounted automatic soap dispenser that dispenses foam soap. (Different soap type results in different dispense volume: 0.6-0.8 cc per use for foam soap). One of the advantages of installing the SD15 is that it gives the restroom a nice and clean look, especially when installed with the other AquaDesign wall mounted range of hand dryer and sensor faucet, because only the spout is affixed to the wall with the main mechanism hidden behind the wall.

The LEDs around the front panel not only give the user a fun interacting experience when using this auto soap dispenser, but also act as an indicator to remind the maintenance staff of the soap level, or whether the right type of soap is used.


  • Power Source: AC plug (6V)
  • Sensing Range: 4-3/4” auto detecting, adjustable
  • Capacity: 50 oz, refillable reservoir
  • Liquid Soap Viscosity Range: 1~ 3000 mPa•s
  • Soap Pump Life Cycle: 100k
  • Mechanism Life Cycle: 500k
  • Drip Proof: IP35
  • CE, EMC, LVD certified
  • Patented: Taiwan, China, United States, EU
  • Soap per shot: Foam: 0.7 CC

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